Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Pictures

Wondering whether the man n woman thinking the same thing as this..

For guys : Now days,not only woman like to shopping to dress up themselves in a better way,but guys also doing the same things as well..Woman likes buying things to be pretty and to let themselves to have more confident.Just like the way guys like to buy a lot of accessories to decorate their car to compare with others..

For ladies : Since we can't stop the man from going nightclub, why don't we just follow them to see the environment there. Or in other way, we can also go out n hanging out with our 'ji mui', shouldn't that be more fun instead of controlling and watching your man all the time? For my concept, i will never bring my boy friend or husband to these kind of places because we will lose fun as well..(only for my own opinion)..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

CNY Shopping

Wow look at my beautiful dress which i bought yesterday for my CNY shopping

From Parkson and Nicole

 From Zang Toi ( New York) - RM199

PM SS2.. Heard this brand before? PM very very famous wor...  Let you guess first and the answer is below

 PM = Pasar Malam lah... Famous right?

Argghh... You Frighten Me!!

Thong Thong : Arghh.... You frighten me....
                                                                                          Khemy : Just joking with you dont worry


Thong Thong : You want to eat my fist..

Khemy : Haha so cute..

Thong Thong : I am serious... Let me warm up first and i will show what i really mean. Dont play play

Then.. Thong thong went to warm up mode and warm up my hand and leg. Up and down , Up and down.

 After warm up.. Just Thong Thong was too tired and went back to sleep mode again.. hehe..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun Pictures

Just wondering what is in her mind when I took this photo for her that time..Seems like in deep thinking. Is it good for a baby? Or just say she is developing her brain at the moment.

Oh no...she is trying to make fun of me..Naughty Thong Thong..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thong Thong is sick....

This is the picture of thong thong when she just discharge from hospital because of jaundice.We all are so worry about her because when my sister send her into hospital,the doctor said she is quite serious at that moment but lucky she able to recover very soon after that.

One thing that surprise our family is that my dad, a man who smoke for so many years..willing to stop it just to hope my niece to recover back since thong thong admitted into hospital.Till now we didn't even see my dad smoke. "Great job Dad"..we are so proud of you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

About my cute niece Thong Thong

Introduction of my Cute Niece into the World

 Presenting ..................

THONG THONG aka Mercedez ( Guess this is a male or female name).....

This new born baby know how to whistle when she seen a pretty lady like me hehe..

 When i said that she whistled at me because i was pretty then she change reaction and laugh at me..

So Cute......