Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ireland Potato in Midvalley

We pass by this Ireland's Potato Cafe in Midvalley and decide to give it a shot wonder how good is Potato grown in Ireland haha..

Wow, there were many choices to choose
1) Ireland Chicken Meat Sauce Potato Chips
2) BBQ Chicken wings
3) Sotong Ring
4) Fruit Cream Potato Chips
5) Pizza Sauce Potato Chips
6) Chicken Ball
7) Onion Rings
8) Honey Mustard Potato Chips <--------1st Best Seller
9) Pickle Mayonnaise Potato Chips
10) Sour Cream Potato Chips
11) Wasabi Potato Chips
12) Crunchy Potato Chip
13) Cheesy Potato Chips   <--------2nd Best Seller

So many choices and we cannot make up our mind so we ask the waitress which were they best seller and she recommend Honey Mustard Potato Chips (Rm8 +) and Cheesy Potato Chip. (RM12 +)

                                                         Honey Mustard Potato Chips (Rm8 +)

                                                                Cheesy Potato Chip. (RM12 +)

When we were to pick the Potato Chips (Fries) , we saw a potato chips are showing a teasing expression


So we decide to punish this potato chips into a frenzy eating mode... Yum yum yum yum yum...........



 After the first bite, we continue eating non stop because it was fanstactic. The Cheessie Potato was so chessy YUMMY!!! and the Honey Mustard Potato Chips was sweet and sour (Very Appetizing)

Lastly the Potato Chips saying Nooooooooooo... I am too delicious..... Screaming for help

  Conclusion, this cafe is must to visit and try out the Cheessie Potato - Guys
Honey Mustard - Girls


  1. goodness, so many varieties of how fries are served, just discovered this.

  2. Yes, i was surprised with choices and decide to get the best seller.. Luckily the best sellers were fantastic

  3. always passed by the outlet.. never enter :P

  4. Ken...next time make sure u go hv a try n not Js pass by d shop...hahaha

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